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The projects developed in India living only thanks to the generosity of the donors, we thank you in advance for your help and your participation!

Sponsorships are tax deductible at 66%: for 30 € paid, the real cost is 10 €.

Scan the code under to donate directly or click on the image below (Donation button) to donate. 

Sponsor a child, a woman, an elderly person

Support a child’s education by sponsoring him for school and / or boarding school.

Contribute to the emancipation of women by supporting the Anindita sewing workshop.

Sponsor an elderly person to allow them to live in decent conditions in the retirement home.

Sponsor a project to allow the payment of a salary to the teachers, to the women, the construction of the boarding school, the enlargement of the school, etc …

Sponsorships are tax deductible at 66%: for 30 € paid, the real cost is 10 €.

Get your business involved

Commit your company in solidarity and support a project!

Set up a partnership!

Corporate donations are tax deductible up to 60%.

Need you to equip the boarding school

We need you to furnish and equip the boarding school and the school.

The boarding school welcomes children who live too far from school to walk there every day.

We need your help to equip the boarding school: beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, cupboards, blankets, duvets, etc …
Donations are tax deductible at 66% (a tax receipt is sent to you before the tax declaration).

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